BEWARE of FAKE EASTMAN instruments !!

BEWARE of FAKE EASTMAN instruments !!

We have found some shops in Indonesia are selling violins and bows under Samuel or Andreas Eastman brand with very cheap price. Don’t be tempted to buy these instruments because they may NOT be made by Eastman, and fakes will never feel and play like the original ones.
ALLFOUR STRINGS only sells ORIGINAL Eastman products that has been acknowledged worldwide for it’s high standard of quality and craftmanship.

To protect you from buying counterfeit products, Eastman has come up with a unique Serial Number, specific for every instrument, printed on the label. 

New Eastman instruments made since year 2018 will come with this label:

Serial Number Sample 2

While Eastman instruments made before 2018 will come with this kind of label:

S/N Sample 1

You can register the Serial Number at Eastman String South East Asia Region office by email or text/phone call to Music Essentials Singapore +65 9230 9302 (WhatsApp available)

If you are not sure whether your instrument/bow is an Eastman original, you can contact Allfour Strings by phone or WhatsApp at  +62 896 0881 4898 or e-mail: 

You can also contact Eastman Strings South East Asia Region office at +65 9230 9302  or e-mail:

Thank you for your time and interest on Eastman Products!


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